Auralmime is an anagram of my name. For those old enough to remember, this type of wordplay became popular following the success of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. So, yes, I was one of the many who joined the bandwagon of creating anagrams out of everything.

This is my personal blog, but that does not mean to say that what I post here defines me. I find disclaimers like this ridiculous but it seems necessary since, nowadays, people tend to judge based on what they see on social media. So, no, this is not my entire life. You have been warned. Thank you.

The posts are categorized into four sections for easy reading and navigation, namely:

Ode to Dogs, which talks about my affection towards dogs and my unconditional love for my furkids. WARNING: Some posts contain very sad undertones.

After Meals, which is my attempt to share my gastronomic adventures with my readers. Note that I am NOT a self-proclaimed food connoisseur.

On the Roadwhich also serves as my travel blog. Travel is something I do for fun and for a living (read: field work), so, I want to document these experiences for my sake also. I also snap pictures once in a while, thus making On the Road my photo blog, as well.  Note that I am NOT a self-proclaimed professional photographer.

Everyday Drivel, which is a more flattering title for “and others.” Yes. Because there are just some things that you cannot put labels on.

Thank you for visiting and hope you find something that interests you.